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We enhance your networking and meet-up opportunities while on the road. Nothing compares with the value of in-person interactions and we are here to help!

Add your travel details

Add your travel details

Manually add them them or forward us your reservation emails so we can add it to your travel itinerary

Connect with your friends

Connect with your friends

Add or invite friends on Nomo FOMO so you can keep each other updated with travel plans or ideas

Get notified when your paths cross

Get notified when your paths cross

Be the first to know when you and one of your friends will be in the same location so you can plan to meet up and strengthen your relationship

  • Smart Notifications

    So you can have no more FOMO, we’ll let you know when someone will be in your same location so you can meet up!

  • Itinerary Planner

    Keep all travel details in one place, perfect for group trips!

Smart Notifications Itinerary Planner Trip Explorer Travel Feed
  • Trip Explorer

    See where your friends are planning to go next and join in on their adventure

  • Travel Feed

    Stay up to date with the newest trips within your network


See how some of our users are making travel social again with Nomo FOMO.

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There is something special about a serendipitous meet-up. We all love telling stories about running into a friend in Paris or bumping into a cousin at the airport. The only problem is we never have enough time to enjoy them. With Nomo FOMO we let you know about these serendipitous opportunities before they happen so you can make the most out of them!

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